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Founded in 1946

Gardner Lowe Aviation Services smooth as G-L-A-S

Gardner Lowe Aviation Services

At Gardner Lowe Aviation Services (GLAS) we take pride in delivering superior customer support to each and every one of our clients. The company was founded on integrity, and with this in mind, we strive to provide quality services for all aircraft, avionics and maintenance needs.

GLAS is a family owned and operated company. We believe in standing behind the quality of our products and services. Company president Karl H. Gardner has over 30 years expertise in the aviation industry. He, and the entire team, believe in providing solutions rather than excuses. The company works to ensure complete customer satisfaction. In addition, GLAS is committed to offering competitively priced services. At Gardner Lowe Aviation Services, we strive to make your experience as smooth as G-L-A-S.

Gardner Lowe Aviation Services a loyal member of Aircraft Electronics Association.

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Gardner Lowe Aviation Services FAA Certified Installation Repair

Installations & Repairs

Gardner Lowe Aviation Services FAA Certified Installation Repair

Our FAA-certified avionics shop can repair and install the latest and most popular products from leading avionics manufacturers. Gardner Lowe Aviation Services is a dealer for Aspen, Avidyne, Bendix-King, Century, Garmin, Genesys (S-Tec), Honeywell, Insight, L-3, PS Engineering, Sigma-Tek, and others. We cover a wide range of aviation electronics including GPS devices, communications equipment, storm avoidance systems, autopilot systems, engine monitors, and flight instruments.

GLAS is one of the few autopilot repair and installation facilities in Georgia. As a certified instrument shop, we can also recertify altimeters, and repair flight instruments.

Gardner Lowe Aviation Services FAA Certified Installation Repair

Gardner Lowe Aviation Services is a certificated repair station for general maintenance and repair on most general aviation aircraft, from small to large aircraft, from single- to twin-engine piston, from turboprop to jet aircraft, and from fixed-wing to rotorwing. Service is quick and reasonably priced, and our helpful staff will see that your aircraft is properly maintained.

As a factory authorized service center for Aircenter Cool Air Systems, Cirrus Aircraft, Electronics International, Ice-Shield De-icing Systems, Insight Instruments, and J.P. Instruments, we have satisfied customers from all around the country and established GLAS as a premier repair station in the Southeast.

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Gardner-Lowe History

Karl H. Gardner has been recognized for decades as a leader of one of the premier avionics and maintenance shops in the southeast. With a dedicated staff of pilots and experienced aviation professionals, Karl and his team adeptly know what keeps operators and their aircraft flying.

James T. Lowe founded Lowe Aviation as a flying service in 1946 upon his return from World War II. As a Navy Lieutenant Commander, Jim was also an experienced ferry pilot and a skilled instructor. From the beginning, Lowe Aviation has been dedicated to quality general maintenance services on a variety of aircraft.

Together, Gardner Lowe Aviation Services provides the same dedication and professionalism in servicing aircraft worldwide. Conveniently located near Atlanta, Georgia, Gardner Lowe Aviation Services understands that customers expect complete satisfaction and the company is committed to delivering on this promise. (Image by Sam Lyons, Lyons Studio.)  Popular Links & Affiliates.

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FAA Certified Repair Station No. ETER699D. Class 1-4 Instrument & Radio, Limited Airframe & Powerplant.

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